Where to get neodymium magnets?

Hey all. Does anyone have a good source for magnets around? I’m looking to buy some small disk magnets for a workshop I’m presenting on Saturday for the MSU Science Fest.

Which, also, if you’re around during Science Fest this weekend, come by my workshop! We’ll be assembling origami microscopes.

Amazon lately, not sure locally at a good price though. If you need them tomorrow, I have 59 of these:

That I don’t immediately need.

Joe, could I nab 4 of them from you? I realized that there are will be a bunch of tiny humans at this thing and maybe I should leave it up to the parents to buy some magnets, rather than hand them out. But I’d like to demonstrate what they can be used for, at the very least.

Sure thing! I can drop them by the space tonight, or you could give me a buzz or text message and arrange a time to pick them up from me. I’m near Cedar and Mt Hope. Two ‘O’ Two forty-two twenty-two

@GxAce just got some from united nuclear ( http://unitednuclear.com ). They’re local (Lainsburg), but they don’t have a store front. If you call ahead and come with exact change they’ll let you pick up at their office instead of shipping.