Where I have been

Hello all. I am sorry about my absence as of late. I actually drove to the Makerspace yesterday to renew my membership and work on some projects, not knowing the makerspace was closed for the holidays.

I haven’t been for a number of reasons. We have had 3 of our pets pass away recently, and that storm did a lot of damage to our property. Also I am involved in the Ren Fest in Hollygrove, so my Sundays are taken up at the moment.

As soon as things clear up, I will be back.

I do wish the open hours were a little different. I work 10 hours from Wednesday thru Saturday, so the only time I can come in is either after a long work day, or the first day of my weekend, when I’m the most tired. I would be interested in volunteering to upgrade my membership, if there is schedule space fore that.


My heart goes to you for the loss of your 3 pets…losing one is painful enough. Take extra good care…

What do you do at the ren fest? I was a food runner for area 200 for a few years.

I am so sorry about your pets. I hope life becomes less hectic for you soon.

So, I have continued to be absent, as so e of you may have noticed. Life has continued to be hectic, as before the end of renfest, my wife broke her leg. She is on the mend and just now returning to work for short days, so I should be able to return to the Makerspace soon.