Where do you paint/finish an item?

So where do you paint your stuff? I want to apply some stain and shellac to an item, and they produce some toxic vapors while drying. I used to do it outside, but now it’s too cold. In the space, I’m concerned about other people.

The general rule is if it’s something that you would (or should) wear a respirator to do since everyone else at the space doesn’t have a respirator, it shouldn’t be done in the space.

We’ve used the parking lot for paint/finish jobs in the past, but that has the same problems you’re already facing (cold and all) :slight_smile:

The other thing to remember is that we don’t have a space where you can be assured that dust, debris, etc won’t find their way onto your partially dry finish.

That said, if you want to use a water based finish that isn’t going to stink the space up and you’re not concerned about dust, just use a tarp or drop cloth and be conscientious of other members.

Thanks Brian! It seems that there is no perfect solution. I will try to catch some warm day and do it outside :slight_smile: This Tuesday’s weather may be good!