What is talk.lansingmakersnetwork.org

By the way, what is the talk site based on? I’ve seen it other places too. Is it a wordpress feature, or is it a FOSS webapp?

Also, does it have an API? No plans of yet, but i’m curious about it.


It used to have an app for smartphones, but I believe that the developers no longer update it so new phones can’t use the app :frowning:

Do you know what the app was called?

@Evelyn do you remember what the app was called?


The source code for the page says its “powered by Discourse” and there are a ton of other Discourse references. Looks to be a self hosted version… (Not to be confused with Discord)

Thanks! I thought I had seen something like that, but couldn’t find it when I looked around.

LMN Talk

Yay! Thank you! Didn’t find the “Discourse” link on the talksite, but maybe I was looking in the wrong place.

This is a test of discourse

Don’t know if this helps you but I think the talksite app is a ‘Progressive Web App’ or PWA. You can still get it this way from the mobile site (I use chrome browser but it should look similar for other mobile web browsers):

I don’t think there are push notifications unfortunately :confused:

Thanks! I had already figured that out. Notifications used to work, but some phones have started changing their notification models to not allow websites to send push notifications.