What are the metal working machines available at the LMN?

Is there a metal milling machine at the LMN?
Is there a metal lathe at the LMN?
Is there a drill press at LMN? If so, what is the maximum diameter drill bit available?
Thank you,
P. H. Nordeen

Hello P. H.! Tagging @RealCarlRaymond to help answer your questions.

Hi Weld,

We have a 1958 15" x 42" Cincinnati lathe, well used but in good condition. Our Bridgeport mill is currently undergoing refurbishment, so it’s not available at the moment, but will return to service.
There’s a small tabletop lathe, 7"x15", and a tabletop CNC milling machine running Mach 3.
We have a large drill press with a Morse 3 taper (I think) spindle, and a few drill press vices.

The best way to find out is to come around for a tour during our open hours: Thursday and Friday 4:00pm - 9:00pm, or Saturday and Sunday noon to 8:00pm.