Welding Tig or GTAW?

Is there a “TIG” arc welding machine (technically called GTAW for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) at LMN?
I would like to know this before obtaining a membership.
Thank you.

Hello! I’m tagging @Mike-L to help answer your question. He does the checkouts for this area.

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There is a basic dc only machine in the space. I need to get more shielding gas before the tig function can be used. However the plasma torch and stick weld functions are fully operational at this time.

When will the shielding gas (Argon) be obtained for the TIG welder?

I will be contacting purity thursday 10/12/23 to explore options. Currently the only bottle of pure argon is my personal 10lb bottle filled on my own dime. I am hoping to be able to trade that in towards a larger tank rental for the space, but that depends on what purity has to say about it

Thanks for letting me know. It sounds like there are many dedicated volunteers at LMN.