Welding Equipment Recommendations

Hey All!

Im looking to buy my own jacket, gloves, and respirator for welding. Does anyone have any recommendations? Im looking for something on the low end of price and higher end of maneuverability where the compromise is mostly in long term durability. Like gloves that are between $10-$25, jacket $80-$100, respirator $50-$75 or so.

Thank you!


I’m not sure, but @Alex & @Mike-L may have some ideas

Dont forget your eye protection. Its important to still be able to see when your done lol

Harbor freight has a few options for gloves and affordable auto darkening hoods.

My favorite pair of flexible weld gloves is a pair of lincoln electric gloves i got at lowes for 20 bucks. If your looking for a little less flexible and maximum thermal protection i recommend rapica gloves. They are around 35 bucks and are good enough you can grab a dutch oven out of a campfire without worry. They are flexible enough for mig and plasma, but you probably wont be tig welding with them.

As for the welding jacket the revco bsx is my recommendation. Its around 40 bucks and mine looks brand new after 3 years

I am more than happy to talk in person so you can try some of the gear for yourself to see how it feels and ages

As for the respirator i think its miller that makes one specifically for welding that fits under a weld hood

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Thanks Mike and Alex!

This info is super helpful, I couldn’t remember the name of those gloves you had, but those lincoln were the ones I wanted to get!



Harbor Freight is great for almost everything. I really like the Vulcan hood. My brother is a professional auto fabricator and he sold his Vulcan omni pro because it didn’t compare to his Lincolns and Millers, but I wouldn’t expect it to.

So far I’m happy with what I need my Harbor Freight setup for. I haven’t tried the TIG welding setup yet.