Welding and metal work

I would like to get checked out on the welding and metal hand tools equipment. I have experience, just need for it to be official.

David, would you mind stating your availability? Then I can work on helping find an instructor to get you checked out.

Sure thing. I am in Lansing Tuesday, wednsday and Thursday any time after 4pm

Hello @David-west80 , I can check you out on Wednesday at 4PM. Let me know if that works for you.

I get out of work at 4 so if we could make it 430 that would be wonderful.

Got it; Wednesday, 4:30. It’s in my calendar.

I’m here outside the visitors door

Sorry, My alrm did not go off. Let me know if you are still there. I can be there in 15 minutes. Sorry again.

If you get this, call me at 510 846 6358 please

No worries. A fellow member wanted an airbrush demo so we are both up here playing around

I tried calling but it was the wrong number somehow.

I’m heading in now. I’ll be there before 6.

Hey cliff it was great to meet with you and thanks for the heads up in the metal area. I have a last minute project that I have to get done by Friday. I want to etch lettering into an antique straight razor. Any idea where I could get some ferric chloride acid?

I have read that muriatic acid will do the job, and you can get that at the big box hardware stores as pool cleaner or concrete etching solution. I’ve only every used hydrochloric, though, so I can’t speak from experience.

I’ve been using muriatic acid mixed with hydrogen peroxide on copper with great results, but it doesn’t work without the peroxide. I have a gallon of muriatic acid which is way more than I need if you’d like to avoid also getting a gallon you can have a bit of mine, if it’s more of a rush the only place I could find it was Lowe’s