Welder Check Out?

Hi There,

I’m wondering when and if I could get checked out on the welder. I’ve used a mig welder before, but it’s been a few years and am looking for a refresher.


We have open forge nights on Thursdays, so that’s a really good time for a welder checkout if that works for you.

Evenings are a bit tough for me, but I think I could make an exception one of these nights. I’ll check and see if I can make this Thursday happen. Thanks!

Hi Luke I am Bobby and I work with Cliff in the metal area. I can meet you during the day I am working on a welding project and plan to in the space late morning or early afternoon.

Hi Bobby,
Sorry I missed you today. I had to take off and run some errands for some supplies. I should be in quite a few days this week working on another built-in project. I’ll probably be in most days until about 4:30PM.


All said I didn’t make it in. Grandson had basketball game. I will most surely be in tomorrow (Tuesday). Around 1 pm and stay till at least 5pm. Also when you know you’ll be in let me know ahead of time. Wednesday grandson has another basketball game. Rest of the week is open.

Luke let know what days and approx time you can come in and we will get you checked out on the welder.