Welcoming new area managers!

Hi there makers,

Though a few of you may know it already, I wanted to share the news officially: Heather Williams (@Heather) Brian Dale (@Jtempkin) and Evelyn Down (@Evelyn) have each accepted new roles as Area Managers of our space! Following are the official titles of these volunteers:

Heather Williams - Jewelry Area Manager
Brian Dale - Digital Fabrication Area Manager
Evelyn Down - Crafts Area Manager

They have all served previously as volunteers in different capacities at LMN and I am excited that we have such an incredible wellspring to draw from to support and strengthen our community. Please be sure to reach out and congratulate them individually and to share your ideas/wishes/celebrations and gripes about their areas. Area managers are the primary way we improve areas and help make sure the social contract of the makerspace is alive and well as well as the first line of contact for class development advice for their area.

I’d also like to extend a very sincere thank you on behalf of everyone to @jody who was the inspiration and effort behind the genesis of the jewelry area. Jody’s not going anywhere though, but rather focusing his efforts on his role as a board member and LMN’s treasurer.

Thank you as always for everything you all do to help make our community of makers stronger and our makerspace the best place to make!