Welcome Ray Kurtis as Craft Area Manager

Somewhat belatedly as he accepted the role about a week ago, I’d like to welcome @RayKurtis as our Craft Area Manager. Ray brings a lot of experience in the craft world and we’re excited to have his enthusiasm for giving the Craft area some love.

Ray will be sending out a survey looking to get feedback from current craft area users as to what the focus should be for improvements and to help identify the current pain points in the area.

Please feel free to reach out to @RayKurtis and join @TEAM_Crafts to help make the area more awesome! I know he would greatly appreciate the support!

Thank you for the welcome @brian.adams.

As Brian said, I will be putting together some stuff to get input & feedback for the space. I really want to hear people’s thoughts and input on how this space can be used. Without such input, I’m flailing around in the dark and taking guesses (plus it’s a tremendous amount of extra work) as to how to best set up/stock the space for member usage. At this point, pretty much ALL input is welcome. If you are extra enthusiastic and want to send me your thoughts before I post the surveys, feel free to message me. I just ask that you also participate in the survey(s) so the aggregate data reflects your input as well.

Thank you,

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