Welcome packet for new members?

We’ve talked about sending out welcome packets in the mail to new members after they join. Now that Space Force is ramping up that seems more logistically possible.

Things I’m thinking we could include:

  • Welcome letter
  • A few refer a friend coupons? … Maybe X% off first month of membership?
  • Some swag? What would be cool? I’m thinking maybe:
    • Stickers?
    • Fridge Magnet?
    • Window / Car decal ?

For some of the swag it might be cool if we designed something more than just the logo… some things that say “I’m a maker”?

Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on this ? Ideas for what to include or if this is a good idea?

A two color LMN car window sticker would be nice… even if they don’t put it on their car, it could go on a laptop. It’s also nice to say (you can make this here!)

I can’t tell you how popular those simple window stickers are with my Hockey group, I think it would be nice to see them one more cars out there.

I agree. I really like the one I have on my car.

I stared making the two color vinyl decals a while back, but I think I was having registration issues and just didn’t come back to it. I think I still have some of the red vinyl, but we may need to get more white/black.

Maybe we can have a weeding and layering party and batch out a bunch of them.

Stickers / clings are great too, but they don’t have the same “this was made at the makerspace” feel to them.

I’ll take part in the weeding party. Something I don’t mind that much if the designs are fairly simple and repetitive.