Weekend shifts need covering

Hey all. We have a situation in which nobody is signed up to cover shifts this weekend. I can cover some of them, and I assume some folks are planning to come in but haven’t signed up.

Especially shift leaders, if you are planning to come by, would you mind signing up just to give me a sense of what needs coverage?

I actually have a free weekend for once. Can cover a shift or two, let me know what is the highest priority.


Any of them would be good, and very appreciated at this point! For regular volunteers, tomorrow tends to be busiest. The biggest need right now is for a shift leader for today from 3:30-6:30, though. I can arrive to open at 3:30, but I have to run an errand at 4:30 to about 5:30 and don’t want to leave the space totally unattended during that stretch of open hours.

@halgren would you be able to cover that shift or one of the weekend shifts? Also have we onboarded you as a volunteer yet? We’ll need to do that if we haven’t.

I haven’t been onboarded. Watched somebody get onboarded once… :slight_smile: I can be there from 3:30-6:30 tomorrow, we can do it then.


Just realized you needed somebody for today. I can probably be there at 4 today, but definitely not earlier and possibly a few minutes later. Have to pick up my child from the airport at 2.

I’ll come in to cover the 4:00.

If you could do that, you’d be doing me and the space a huge favor.

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I can come in tomorrow as well. This Sunday, however, is right out for me. Let me Sign into Sign Up.

I’m afraid I can’t help on Saturday. I’ll be around on Sunday.