Weeding and Trimming

We’ve got a few pokey weeds that have sprung up around our bushes and trees which had escaped my notice until now! A couple of our bushes could be trimmed from the front as well, so they aren’t hanging over the sidewalk.

If you’re able to assist with this, or you have any questions, drop a message here. Thanks!

I pulled and cut some of the weeds, but there’s a fair amount more there. They grow like… well, you know.

Unless someone objects, I’ll hit the weeds with a bit of roundup in a day or two. That will kill them down to the roots, and give us a little more long-lasting solution.

Please don’t put roundup on the weeds I’ll pull them or find a less toxic way to stop them


OK, no spray. I have a weeding tool I’ll bring in instead.

If you try pulling weeds by hand, I suggest you wear gloves. Some of the thistles in there are annoying.

I pulled and hoed out most of the weeds this morning. There’s still some smaller stuff left. We’re in no danger of appearing on the cover of Better Homes and Workshops, but we don’t look like the back lot of a chop shop, either.

Is there any interest in spreading some mulch around the area to help with weed control and appearance?

I’m all for the outside looking as creative as the inside is; there are limits, of course.

To share a thought that may be too extreme, topiaries in the shape of gears and a wrench?

I think, as with most ideas about how to shape the space into something creative, I would say that’s a good idea. Do you want to be the one who does it?

If someone can teach me how to make topiaries, I think I would give it a try. Do you know anyone who does?

I have a few bags of mulch that I don’t need. I’m happy to bring these in if they’ll be used.

Cliff, if you bring them in, I’ll get them spread. Maybe set them near the craft room door? That should leave them out of the way, but available.

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