We would like to learn how to use the Lathe this Friday or Saturday

Is there anyone who could check us out on the Lathe this Friday or Saturday? Available after 6 on Friday and any time on Saturday. Thank you!

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I can probably do your lathe check out next Friday or Sat. I’m not sure what will work out best for me right now. Let me know what may work for you.

We are going on Friday for sewing with Billy from 4 to 6, and we could do it after that or take a break from sewing. Saturday we are going from 12 to 2:00. Thanks,


Saturday, we will be there from 1 to 4:00.

I will be there for the woodworking checkoffs. If there’s time I can do your lathe checkoff.

I’m interested in attending this, but am confused if and when the checkout was determined. Has it been and when? Thanks!