Wanted: A very loud gear motor

I’m looking for a DC gear motor… I was wondering if anyone has any ideas around this:

Strangely enough, I want the motor for it’s sound it doesn’t have to do anything. Looking for something with a cartoonishly loud robot like sound. Describing the sound I’m thinking of in my head is pretty hard to put into words.

Maybe something like this?

Ideally I’d like it to to be 24v or under and draw a couple amps or less. I’m having a hard time finding one loud enough. So far I’ve tried a couple automotive window motors, but unfortunately everyone wants their motors quiet and these very pretty quite, more a purr.

Any ideas to either make a motor much louder, or a type of motor that is loud already and sounds very robot like?

Maybe a brand of big servo you’ve used in the past and found it to be too noisy or some sort of mechanical whirring that again is loud but not ear plug 20,000rpm loud.

Drive it with a square wave and I bet it gets louder.

I got out the original Filastruder gear motor and tried that, but it wasn’t as loud as I remembered. Maybe under a heavy load it gets louder? Holding it on a piece of plywood definitely amplified the sound, but it was not the “raspy” gear sound you seem to be after.
A variable speed Milwaukee impact driver running at a slow speed makes a nice sound so you may want to consider something like that.
Can you record a sound and just play the file?
What about a gear motor with a mic so you could amplify the sound?

I’ll have to try that.

Home depot sells a shade closing engine. You can even control it with Bluetooth. Pretty loud. I own two to have them open and close my windows (looks like I’m home).

I have a few old drill transmissions that can be donated to the cause

For now I’ve been simulating the motor noise using speakers, it sounds pretty good and I haven’t been playing much virtual pinball. I’m probably pretty particular about the cartoonish robot sound I’m looking for. When I get around to building my second virtual pinball machine I’ll dig back into this.