Wallet Vac needed

Hi all! Where are we with this? @zimmer62 has a vacuum pump he can donate, and there’s a water bottle and hose in the breakroom.

Can we have a basic one ready for How to Halloween this weekend? Pretty please?

@RealCarlRaymond @Tony @Bwil415 @RyanR @Gary @gbromios @egillespie


@jody and I shoved the hose into the bottle, and it’s a pretty tight fit.

I think the next step is to cut a large circular hole in the bottom, then cover that with a removable plate with a smaller hole for the vacuum motor.

There’s a clear tube that can get cut down by half and put inside into the neck to make a one-way dollar check valve.

We don’t have a motor, so that’s as far as we can go tonight.

(A caution about vacuum motors is that you can’t run them without sufficient air resistance, or it will burn out immediately. So don’t run a motor just to see if it works, because it won’t for long.)

Late update: @jody and I kept going. Now we have a removable top, where the vacuum motor can mount. We’ll put some weatherstripping on it to seal it. Later we can replace the dinner plate with a proper metal pie plate.


You could also keep the dinner plate and have someone sculpt eggs, toast, and bacon. Attaching that will add some crazy visual interest.

Thanks @RealCarlRaymond and @jody !
You guys worked so quickly!
@zimmer62 , could you drop off your vacuum parts tomorrow, or have a place I could pick them up from?

@zimmer62 is planning on dropping the vacuum off tomorrow!

@jody @RealCarlRaymond

What we have here, is a thing. The suction is a bit too strong. We can put some holes in it to moderate it. It needs a screen at the top, and maybe a baffle to prevent shredded presidents.

Warning: this thing is not UL listed. Using this outside in the rain could be… problematic. It needs a GFCI in the circuit, which will make it a lot safer.


Thank you!!
May I put more holes in the plate to moderate it?