Volunteers needed for Thursday 3:30-6:30 shift


Hey Space Force. Our usual volunteer corps for the Thursday afternoon shift will be caught up in various meetings until sometime after 3:30 and won’t be able to open the space. Any chance one of you can sign up for the shift and we’ll either relieve you when we get there of just let you take the shift for yourself?

Also, just a reminder, it is never too early to sign up for a shift if you know you’re going to be there. Thank you to those of you who have been making a concerted effort to do so.

Wait… Let me amend my previous statement. I have an appointment from 3-3:30pm Thursday, but I can be there immediately afterwards. I’ll be coming in from CAMW, so I can be there in 5mins after my appointment.

Hope this helps, @Rossi.Bossi

That works out great. Thanks @conejita42.