Volunteering orientation requested

I’m interested in becoming a volunteer for the M-space, and I need to go thru the overview/orientation. I’m flexible on the time, but this Saturday morning or most any time this Sunday (Oct 2 and 3) are open for me at the moment.

Anyone else interested in sitting in on this?


Is anyone else interested in getting oriented to volunteering for the front desk ? It would be a huge help right now to have a few more people available so area managers can focus on the areas when they’re at the space.

It’s not the most glamorous job but it does have its own rewards. :slight_smile:

Im interested. I would be available on Sunday also just let me know what time

I can help out. Sunday works here too.

Does 12:30 Sunday work for everyone?

yes that works for me!

@Rossi.Bossi is that a time that would work for you or do you need me to cover ?

12:30 works for me. Thanks!

I can do 12:30 on Sunday. I’m planning on coming in anyway to work on some things, so that works great.

And welcome to Space Force, all.

Hey @Tony @Alex, and @Andy_Buhl,

For today’s orientation, I’ll need you to register for our shift signup system. To do so, I’ll need you to first create an account at: www.signup.com.

Then follow this link to get access to LMN’s signup page.

Eventually, I will be scheduling people’s shifts, so if you could also send me a list of preferred days to work and days you can’t work, that would be great.

Will there be another orientation for volunteers soon? I just joined today and would like to help out

Hi Mike,

We’ll probably have another volunteer orientation within the next couple of weeks. If you’re interested in volunteering, though, you can start off the process by filling out a volunteer application so I can schedule an interview with you.

You can find the application here: Volunteer Opportunities – Lansing Makers Network

I look forward to talking with you.

Thank you for the quick response. I have filled out the application and look forward to meeting with you.

I am available weekdays after 5 and all day on weekends. Just let me know when works best for you and I will be there