Volunteer Update 1/24/17

@RealCarlRaymond @jody @conejita42 @Rossi.Bossi (I really need to make a group for this :slight_smile: )

Thanks to everyone for your help last week with getting open hours going. As we roll into our second week, a few notes:

  • As I’m working on writing some reports in the portal for open hours usage, let’s adjust our process to /not/ check ourselves in while working a shift. If you stay after your shift to work on projects, absolutely /do/ check yourself in. That’ll help me not produce skewed data.
  • Reminder that front desk SOPs are here in Dozuki: https://makers.dozuki.com/c/Administration we’re working on writing more, and please feel free to write any that would be helpful.
  • Gift certificate orders now print out of the receipt printer when they’re placed online. If you’re opening and one is on the printer, don’t let it get lost. Let @brian.adams or @jody know. @jody when you get a chance can you make an SOP about how to make them. I’ll work on the SOP for how to process/activate them.
  • Check the #volunteering:volunteer-tasks category for things to work on during the down times.
  • Be on the lookout for Facebook/Instagram posts you could make to show off what’s happening today at the space. Pictures are always awesome. I’ll work on a way to post them as LMN from the front desk.
  • Keyholding members can check in with either their keyfob or member id.
  • If when a member checks in they have an empty avatar on the screen, they need an ID card made.

@jody @Rossi.Bossi can you both look at the signups and signup for the shift leader spots that you can take please? I’ve got today covered. @RealCarlRaymond and I are going to get him caught up on the members system this weekend so he can help out as a shift leader and help us spread the workload.

@jody I’ll be there to do checkins for your class on Saturday.

Thanks to everyone for your help! Anyone else that can sign up for shifts please do! http://signup.com/go/EQgXyhm

Anything else anyone has noticed?

One other note,

“Making an ID Card” SOP has been updated. The only major thing of note is that the portal now prints directly to the Zebra printer rather than opening a popup and print dialog. Follow the prompts and all should be well.