Volunteer Tasks - 10/12/2021

Hey all, here are some tasks that need completing. Please report in here when you take on a task and once you’ve completed it, then I’ll check it off the list! I’ll close out the thread once all tasks have been completed.

Install / Maintenance
Test the Design Lab printer on all three computers, diagnose issues if necessary
Install paper towel holder in urinal room
Mount “Saw Clock” above job board in front office
Mount liability form box in front office
clear lumber off remaining conference room table and setup conference room.
Edge banding on new plywood table in craft.

Post bidet SOP in bidet bathroom

Edit: removed two items from the list.

Added edge banding for craft’s new table. The edge banding roll is in craft. Related, if anyone has seen any of these tools, they are useful for this particular job.

Edge banding on the table is crafts is done.

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I’ve been trying to get the Dell 3000cn printer to work with the design lab computers

Center pc and monitor aren’t communicating. I swapped the data cable and monitor with ones that work, and still nothing

According to Dell, the printer just doesn’t have drivers for windows 10

rightmost one can print black and white text. Images aren’t working, color isn’t even showing up as a printer option

Leftmost one has the same driver (Windows 7 64 bit), but I was not able to get it to print before my shift was up

Also, where can I find an copy/editable version of the handbook?

Printer has had its drum replaced, is more functional than before but not perfect…

Marking resolved. Thanks all!

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