Volunteer opportunity: Science Night at Bennett Woods Elementary, 2022

We have a community event coming up, and we could use some volunteers. Bennett Woods Elementary School in Okemos is having their annual Science Night on April 21. They have asked us to run another take-apart table, as we have done for several years. This is an opportunity for the kids (around 10-11 years old) to pick up a screwdriver and take apart some old junk like VCRs, radios, and other household items. They always love it, and it’s fun to watch them doing it.

LMN brings the tools and safety glasses, and the school takes care of procuring the junk. Staffing the event is pretty straightforward. We put some tools on the table, lay out some take-apartables, and then make sure the kids wear the safety glasses. And remind them to leave them behind when they’re done. At the end of the evening we put the carcasses into bins and pack up our tools.

We’ll have to think through the protocol for glasses. In the past they’ve just gone from face to face, but we might want to wipe them down with sanitizer this year.

The event is open for business from 6:30pm to 8:00pm on Thursday, April 21. Setup time starts at 5:30pm. We’re typically out the door by 8:30pm. And there is a snack cart for the volunteers.

If you’re interested in helping, or have some ideas about it, please reply here. A good crew size it 3-4 people.

I would absolutely love to help
@billehhg would you want to as well if you arent working? Sounds like something you’d like

Ooh, that sounds really fun! I’m in

@RealCarlRaymond - As I said yesterday, def. Count me in for the Take Apart clinic at Bennett. I really miss interacting with the kids and seeing the girls getting in to Science. #STEMRawks

Melody :smile:

I would love to help with this but alas I have a shift that night

I could help with this. --Erik

Would love to help! This is my daughter’s school

Science Night is this week, and I’d like to get things finalized. Who’s able to attend on Thursday? Setup time is 5:30pm - 6:15pm, and the event runs from 6:30 to 8:00.

I’ve got some kid-size safety glasses waiting on my front porch, and I’ll fill a bag of tools. This year we should be sanitizing the glasses in between kids. What’s a good way to do that on-site?

I can help. I have some sanitizing wipes that I can bring, but how many would be needed?

I can make it, but its a mile walk from the closest bus stop which will be a struggle carrying a vcr. I can do it but if i could get a ride at least from the bus stop to the school or if anyone is heading there from lansing and could pick me up thatd help a lot

I can pick you up and give you a ride to the school. Would it work to meet at LMN or should I get you from somewhere else?

@conejita42 Will you be helping tomorrow night, Melody?

Meeting at LMN works for me!

Yes… I’ll be there tomorrow evening to help at Bennett Woods at 5:30pm. I’ll be coming right from work. I can pick up some sanitation wipes as well at the Walgreens next to my work.

Excellent. I already have some sanitizing wipes, so no need for more.

I’ll pick up anyone who needs a ride at LMN at 5:00pm today.

The event was a big success. It’s always popular with the kids. I feel like the kids who insist on staying at the table just a few minutes longer when their parents try to move them along are destined to become LMN members in the future.

Many thanks to @JamesFriend @conejita42 and @Erik_S for helping out!


TYSVM for the opportunity to volunteer for this event, @RealCarlRaymond. It was super fun as always. So love seeing the young minds taking apart old technology and having either Dad or Mom explain how things worked, etc. Very engaging.

FYI - To @Jimmy … I uploaded my pics for the Bennett Woods event at the LMN Marketing Folder Google Drive, under a new folder in Photos:
Please let me know you got these.


P.S. I would like these hours to go towards my Volunteer hour bank. Who do I need to contact to get reinstated and add them? Please advise. Thx!

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