Volunteer Opportunity at CADL - Haslett Library

Hello All!

We’ve received a call from Robert Chartrand at the Haslett Public Library about a possible volunteer opportunity. The library is looking for a knowledgeable person to talk about the tools they have available to check out from CADL’s Library of Things to raise awareness about the Library of Things. The event would be held sometime this summer, and I have requested Robert Chartrand make a talksite account to provide more details in the comments of this post.

This event would give us a chance to talk about LMN to CADL patrons and because CADL gives out temporary LMN membership cards, we could probably get a few more CADL members!

There’s a sticky note at the front desk with Robert’s number so people can call if they’re interested in coordinating further.

~Isaac K.

p.s. Tagging prominent LMN people who may be interested/able to provide more assistance: @Lex @brian.adams @cafwood

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Thanks for this Isaac! I’ve reached out.