Voltmeter + Checkout?

Hello! I’m wondering if the electronics section has a voltmeter? I’ve been working at a simple soldering project with a circuit board + tactile transducer, but it continues to fail to emit sound. So, at this point, I imagine I’m failing to complete a circuit. While I have a soldering iron at home, I don’t have a voltmeter.

I imagine, too, if I’m looking to use the voltmeter (if you all have one), then I’ll need a checkout.

Yes, there are several.
There is one Desk Top unit that is on the top shelf. and there are several hand units that are floating around. There are 2 Grey ones and a bunch of cheap red ones.

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Hi Mike, thank you! Do I need to be checked out on the area, to use the voltmeters?

There is no Check Out procedure for the Voltmeters.
One of one of the volunteers should be able to show where the Desk Top unit is. It is on the topshelf; to the left of the oscilloscope. And either a Grey or Red hand held unit should be floating around the solder station work bench.