Virtual Tour page on the website needs some love

The panorama photos on the website for each of the areas are seriously outdated.

I know I used the Google Street View iOS app to create the panos and then some trickery to get them embedded on the site. Maybe there’s better state of the art now? Or someone could just work on updating the images?

Have you seen There are people in our area that do this… wonder if any of them would be willing to volunteer their services for a non-profit like us.

I’ve not seen them before. That’s super cool.

Excellent question. I wonder what the best way to reach out is.

There was a form I filled out online (at that site) when I was looking to have it done for selling my old house. Someone got back to me within an hour or so. And I had a couple others reach out within a day.

Also, I remember from last year’s DemoCamp a presenter who does 360° virtual tours. The company, located in Lansing is called Able Eyes. I think they also work with Matterport. I really liked their virtual tours as they can be customized with tag descriptions, or a Voice-Over. I have already connected @brian.adams on a call with Meegan Winters.

Here’s the site for reference:

This is the example of what that so that Able Eyes provided. It’s very cool. I have a quote from them, we’ll have to see if we want to go this route. It would be super cool, but /may/ be overkill at the moment.

I have a Gear 360 camera that I can use.

I couldn’t remember the name of Able Eyes, thanks for the reminder. I think what they are doing as a company is really cool.