Vinyl cutter tearing


Affected Tool or Resource: vinyl cutter

Team, Group or Volunteer who usually handles this type of ISSUE or REQUEST (Please tag using the @ symbol. Start by typing @TEAM_ to find most responsible teams): @TEAM_DigitalFab

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Tearing, and cutting through bottom layer of vinyl.
I read online that the strip under the blade may need to be replaced. But it’s also very possible I have the settings for pressure wrong. I might just need a more through walk through on the machine

Please remember that VOLUNTEERS will be helping to resolve this issue. While everyone works very hard to fix things quickly, sometimes things take time. Please consider Volunteering to help keep everything working well in our makerspace!

In my (somewhat limited) experience, there are 3 things that can cause tearing:

  1. too high a speed for the blade angle, material, and type of cut – especially for cuts with tight corners or lots of detail
  2. dull blade
  3. wrong pressure – can’t remember if it’s too much or too little, as I don’t think I’ve ever had this problem

When are you going to be in next?

I have a volunteer shift tonight. 6:30 to 9:30
But I’ll let you know when I’d be there this weekend other than tonight. I appreciate you responding.

Thanks for your help.

I was able to cut two pieces successfully!

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