Vinyl cutter checkout requested

I’d love to be taught how to use this machine, please!
Weekday daytime hours are currently the best for me

Please let me know when this checkout might happen. If I have time, I would like to attend.

Same here! I’d love to attend if the timing works out!

I am interested in this checkout as well, if the timing works out.

@RealCarlRaymond , does anyone else do checkouts?
I’ll try to make it so I can do checkouts now that it’s working

Hi James, sorry I missed this. I’m trying to think who else has used the vinyl cutter. Brian and Jody for sure. I’m happy to get you going with it. There’s not too much to it. In 5 minutes you’ll be as expert as I am.
Are you saying you want to be a checker-outer? After using it a few times, you’ll be all set for that.

I would like to also become a checker outer

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I’d like to get the checkout for this as well

I wouldn’t mind being a checkerouter for this as well

There’s more interest than I thought. How about Saturday afternoon at 2:00. It really shouldn’t take too long, because it’s a fairly simple machine.

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I’ll be there!
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Saturday at 2 works for me. CU then.

Thanks Carl!

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I’m really sorry I missed this. I ended up going to the ER instead. I’m all fine and home, just can’t do much for a bit.
@JamesFriend and @RealCarlRaymond, maybe in 2 weeks you can teach me how to use it so James can be a certified checkout person?

@Evelyn I hope you’re OK! Get well, and of course we’ll take care of it any time you like.

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Thank you Carl!
I’m feeling much better already. Still really hard to move around though😆

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