VCarve Settings for Cutting Depths and Tools

Hello there. I’m working on my first CNC router project and needed a bit of a refresher on the cutting depth settings. I want to be sure that I cut all the way through my 12mm plywood. What should I set my cutting depth to if I zero the Z axis to the table?

The last thing is what size was the End Mill provided by LMN?

Thank you for all the help.

We provide a 1/4" end mill. The settings can be changed to metric for the material size and cutting measurements. I’ve taken a crappy picture with my phone to show the machining settings for a profile cut to go through 12mm material

Thank you! Someone at the maker space gave me some good advice to measure my material with calipers to get the exact thickness so that my material cuts all the way through. in my case it was 12.15mm.

The last thing I am trying to get configured on my end is the machine. Any advice on how to get that configured? I’m not seeing Precision Automation on the manufacturer list.

Browsing the forums I found this machine runs as a Mach 3 - and I think I found the correct post-processor. But I’m starting to think the machine isn’t important if I’m not exporting the gcode from my personal computer (which I can’t do on the trial version of the software)

Thank you for your patience!
What things do you currently want help with? If you tag me in a response, I’m more likely to see it :sweat_smile: