Using the front desk phone at the space

There is now a working phone at the makerspace, capable of dialing 911 and everything. Taped to the file cabinet next to it is also a list of extensions for the various area managers and people you might need to reach at the makerspace. These extensions forward to the indicated person’s cell phone, so if you need to get in touch with someone with some haste while you’re at the space, it should be a convenient way to do so.

There’s also a 999 extension which will use a call list to hopefully get you to someone. (The use case here is along the lines of, “There’s water leaking all over the place, and someone should know, but it’s not a 911 level emergency.”)

And the last nifty feature, if you call the space’s phone number (517-376-4770) and press 9 during the greeting, you’ll be prompted to enter a callback number for someone to call you back and help you get into the space should you find yourself unable to do so (forgot key, key not working, door system down, etc).

I’ll be adding all of this to the member handbook (which remember, is available online: )