Updates in the wood shop

If you’ve been in the Space lately, you might have seen the changes by the loading dock. There’s a new worktop there, and more changes coming. This will be a storage area for material, supplies, etc used in woodshop classes. Next up here will be some racks on the wall to store wood that will be used in classes, and a rolling cart that will live under the work top. I also want to still have some sort of bins for recycling here as well.

I also want to address the material stored on the south wall of the wood shop. I don’t want to get rid of this storage space, but I’d like to make this area neater and more functional. Once the class storage area is done, I’ll start on this project. If you have ideas about improving the area, let me know.

Tony Kuhlman
Wood shop area manager


These changes are looking great. Thanks for all of the help Tony & volunteers!

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