Upcoming classes

What materials are needed for the next few upcoming classes? What size and grade are you using?

@Clifford_Bohm could probably answer this question for you.

We that teach the class supply all materials, cut and prep for classes. Participants only need to show up and have a good time and maybe learn about the craft of Blacksmithing.

Awesome that you work for Alro when I purchase steel that is were I get it from the Lansing Outlet next to Harbor Freight. If you want to make a donation for the Hook class we use 3/8" square bar. When we have the class you may want to talk with Clifford the Blacksmith and welding area manager. I have been working with Mike Romm General Manager to create a relationship with Alro. Been working on Cliff to put together an order that would take us through all the classes and any project for the makers space What classes are you interested in? Eventually the Metal shop will be available and there may be a need for a steel and material for that area as well.