Unclaimed projects & materials

Hello fine makers!

Volunteers are currently in the process of re-organizing and improving some areas of the woodshop, including member project storage areas.

I sent individual notices to folks with expired parking passes or projects that we could otherwise identify. However, if you know that you have project materials stored in the shop and you haven’t been contacted, it is a really good time to organize and very clearly identify your pieces! We absolutely do not want to misplace anyone’s valuables but we have had to shuffle a few things around in order to reposition some shelving.

As a general reminder, we allow project materials to be unattended with a parking pass for roughly two weeks before asking that the piece(s) be moved or the sticker updated. Please be mindful of high traffic areas and avoid creating obstacles that might impede the workflow of others, especially until we are able to clearly mark designated storage areas for wood projects.

Many thanks to you all!

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