Tufting Guns and Making Rugs!

Hi all! I’ve been spending most of my time at home watching crafts / maker videos and wanted to share what I’ve been interested in lately.

Behold… the tufting gun!

This implement is used for making rugs with yarn, in a faster way than the by-hand punch needle method. You stretch some substrate cloth over a frame, feed yarn into the gun, pull the trigger and go. With practice, you can produce results like this:
(Link to reddit post)

As far as I can tell, this is a fairly new tool? Or at least, it’s only recently gaining more popularity amongst hobbyists / consumers. I’m currently considering purchasing one for myself (and hoping to bring it in to show / share if others are interested in trying it out!)

These guns come into two variants, cut-pile and loop-pile. In a rug produced by a cut-pile gun, yarn extends upward in single strands. With a loop-pile gun, the yarn is looped back over instead of cut, and so is lower to the ground. Here is a comparison video for better visuals than I can explain!

If this looks interesting here is a video that talks about supplies needed / process:

And here is a video that shows the process of making a rug:

Hope this was interesting!

Thanks for sharing. I had no idea that I needed one of those!

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