Transition plan to talk.lmn

The talk site seems to be working much better for encouraging communication around the makerspace so we’re going to officially transition to it as the de facto communication method. For those of you already reading this, it’ll me nothing for you, but just to be transparent about what’s planned:

  1. The member management system now syncs with Discourse to keep accounts in sync.
    a) If a member doesn’t have an account, it will send an invite (and resend the invite once it expires as a reminder) as long as you’re on the member roll.
    b) It keeps the “Members” group in discourse in sync with the members list using the same rules as the door system (7 day grace period). Being in the members group allows access to the “Members Lounge” category and includes you in ‘@Members’ mentions.
  2. On Dec. 1 the broadcast list will become an admin only announce list. It’ll still be synced with the members roll, but only admins will be able to send a message to it. We’ll only use this list for epically important things that we need everyone to see immediately. Starting Dec 1st it will be synced to only contain current members. (Lapsed members that want to stay in the loop should join the talk site. :slight_smile: )
  3. Starting today I’ll be turning off the private flag so the site isn’t hidden and non members can join and be a part of our virtual community.
    a) Discourse has a great system for spam using trust levels ( that should keep spam at a minimum, plus we’ll police it heavily.

Things to remember about Discourse:

  1. Admins and Moderators can still use the ‘@Members’ mention to notify all members about a message immediately. Compared to the members list this will only notify /current/ members (but the message will still be there for others to see when they visit and/or join after the message has been sent (a current problem Discourse is helping us solve)
  2. Users have much more control over the types of messages they want to see by changing their digest settings and choosing categories or topics to watch.

Any questions or concerns of course please let me know