Thrifty Bots - An accessible robotics competition Lansing

Hi All, I met with Brian last week about an event that I’m organizing and he suggested I post here to see if there is interest within LMN. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly.

Would you be interested in a robotics competition with a small materials budget? I’m organizing an event in Lansing and would appreciate your feedback. The event will be open to anyone (not just students) and the first year’s competition will be based on the Micromouse rules. Each participant (or team) will enter a robot that is capable of autonomously navigating and solving a 16x16 maze. The robot that can run the maze from start to finish the fastest will be deemed the winner. Additional prize for the team with the cheapest robot that can solve the maze.

There will be a limit on the materials cost of the entered robot to keep it accessible and a small entry fee to cover costs with the leftover going to prize money. Please fill out this form if you are interested. Thanks for your time.