The WIKI and possible updates?

I was looking through the wiki to see if there was any quick and handy machine information. What I found was quite a bit of outdated material.

Is there a process for updating and expanding that area?

Hey Gary! As far as I can tell the wiki site has been orphaned for some time now, although no one has officially pronounced it dead. I’ll check on the status of this site and see if I can’t get a better answer for you. I know I am working on obtaining physical copies of manuals for the tools in the space to incorporate into a physical library in the space. Digital content updates for SOPs are happening, slowly but surely. There are a LOT of recently acquired tools. :slight_smile:

Currently working on a replacement wiki for listing our tools. But starting more or less from scratch, because a lot has changed. If anyone is interested in helping out, please let me know.

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Also @GaryB … How did you find the old wiki? I thought I took it off of our website.

I already told you but yes I am interested in helping with this and excited about it haha

@Jimmy, I entered Lansing, makers, network, and wiki into a search engine. Then clickety, clickety, boom, and there it was.

If I can do anything to help, let me know.