The Peacock needs help, Please!

Dear Everyone,

Hello, I have recently become a member of the Lansing Maker Network. Some of you might know me from the tour I took a while ago, my name is Mary Peacock and I am a sculpture graduate student at Michigan State University. I am currently working on my thesis project and could use help on it. I’m building a Robot/ Kinetic Sculpture, and having problems creating a program for the piece. I wanted to use the Arduino, but my knowledge of it is beginners’ level. It would be fantastic if there was someone who could come in and work with me on developing the program. I’m hoping that someone might be able to meet with me once a week for a couple hours.

What I would like the Robot/ Kinetic Sculpture to do:

  • Arm movement and waist

-The arm will go down pick up a toy, move up, hip will turn, hand will release toy into a basket, waist will turn, and the sequence will start up again.

  • I would also like to add 5 mins. worth of sound.

  • All of this will be activated by a motion sensor.

I have made a life size maquette from card board and dowel rods. I have pictures. I could really use the help please.

“Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”


Mary Peacock

Hey Mary,

I’d love to help you out with this! Let’s setup a time to meet at the space and go through what you’ve got so far.

Most evenings are good for me. I can also usually make Tues or Thurs during the day work with some notice.

Dear Brian,

Thank you so much! Sorry I didn’t get back to you. Evenings are so hard for me, Tuesdays and Thursdays during the day would work very well for me. I’m so excited! Which would be good for you, Tuesday or Thursday?

Thank you so much,
Mary Peacock

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Hi Mary,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I was kinda waiting for my schedule to sort itself out. How does this Thursday look for you?

No worries Brian, I have a meeting in the morning starting at 9:00. Hopefully it will only be about an hour long, but just in case how about meeting at 11:00? I just have to be done by 2:00, so I can pick up my kids from school.

11:00 (or so) works for me! I’ll see you then.