The needles broke on the Serger

I’m not sure who to tag.

While I was using the serger this evening, it made a noise. I stopped & didn’t see that anything was wrong or out of place. I started sewing again, the presser foot moved & then the needles broke. I removed the presser foot & placed the screw back into the socket. I also removed the piece that holds the needles…placing the screw back into the socket. I was unable to remove the needles from their holder. I’m unsure how to replace the needles. Tomorrow, I can call around to find new needles to replace the ones that broke. I apologize for any inconvenience.


Ok…I just looked to see if I could find instructions on changing the needles. I found info for a similar serger & it looks like I’ll need a small hexagon wrench key to remove the needles from their holder. Where would one of those wrench keys be located in the maker space? I’ll try to get out their sometime tomorrow to fix it.

Update: I was able to get the needles out. They have a flat back & the machine needles that are there, are completely round. So, I need to find some that will fit, before it can be used again.

I’ve put the correct needles by the serger but I don’t want to mess with the mechanism, I’ll let Billy know though

Thank you, Jimmy! I put the needles in, rethread it + tested it. It’s works beautifully!

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