The forge is out of propane

Looks like I used up the last of the propane for the forge tonight, I was going to change it out but all of the tanks here are empty.

On it. Unfortunately we will likely be waiting until next week for a refill. As a reminder in general to our blacksmiths, PLEASE let us know when you hookup the next to last tank so that I can get the refills scheduled with as minimal downtime as possible.

Propane has been delivered and we are good to go! Please remember to use the smaller tanks first! Happy forging!


Thank you! The small propane tank that was next to the forge had gas leaking from the nozzle when I hooked it up so I immediately shut it off and set it next to the wall with a note taped to it. I checked the gage to make sure that wasn’t causing the leak, it connected to the other tanks without a problem so I’m fairly certain its just the one small tank. Once the room aired out I was finally able to complete my first forging project!

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