Tech Demo Night at LMN October 9th @ 7:00p

Hey @Members, we’re hosting tech demo night again on October 9th @ 7:00pm. Thanks to all the members that presented last time!

Mark your calendars and let @egillespie know if you’d like to present. This is a great opportunity to flex your presentation skills and show off the cool stuff our makerspace makes possible.

@egillespie if you’have a link to the meetup or anything you’d like to add please do!

Thanks for the shout-out @brian.adams. The demos we saw last time were awesome and we’d love to see some more! If you want to show something, please let me know here, on the meetup link, or email me at :smiley:

And here’s the Meetup link where you can get more info and RSVP:


Just a reminder to everyone about this event coming up tonight, We’d like to show off what the members are up to, so bring something to share if you can!

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