Table saw quirk or user error?

Hey all!

I was cutting some drawer pieces out of plywood today on the table saw and noticed something odd.

I cut about 25 2” strips with the fence on the left and it went very smoothly.

Then I switched to fence right to make some 22” cuts and noticed that the plywood would bind a bit six inches into the cut. It felt like it was getting hung up on the riving knife.

I noticed that when in the right position that the fence seemed a 32nd of and inch closer on the front edge than the back edge.

I say seemed because I just did a quick tape measure check and it could just be me.

Anyone else experience something similar? Or have any thoughts why the plywood might bind up?

@RealCarlRaymond this happened right after I saw you! Murphy’s law I guess. Any thoughts why this might be happening?

I will look into this issue today.

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I know I spoke with you @cafwood when you were looking at it. Do you know when the roving knife issue will be fixed?

Thanks for what you do for the space by the way!

Oh was there an issue with the riving knife? I was honestly hoping it was my own user error… what ended up being the diagnosis?

I moved the riving knife so it is more centered on the blade. Somehow it had been moved enough that it was causing boards to move slightly and bind. The blade was also dull and has now been replaced.