Table saw problem

Table saw won’t start. Red light stays on. Green light flashes. I tried to fix it going by what the code said might be wrong with it, but was unable to make any progress.

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Fixed. Thanks for reporting it.

Last night, Brian and I adjusted the clamp for the riving knife to get it at just the right height (barely below the blade). The saw is very sensitive to the mass of metal near the blade, and on moving the clamp just one notch closer, it gave the “too close” code.

I completely removed the clamp and cleaned out all the sawdust, and put it back in. I got the height just right, and now it’s not triggering the code.

If it should recur, we can move the clamp back up where it was before, and grind a bit off the top of the riving knife to permit wood to pass over without binding.

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