Table Saw, Miter Saw and Drum Sander Checkout

Hi! I want to join back up this weekend but I want to do Checkout class for table saw, miter saw and drum sander. I will eventually want to do all the woodshop tools but for now that is all I need as I am building a 20 by 30 cutting board. I understand that the planer is too small for the board but would eventually want to do a checkout for that and the router table. Let me know what is available!

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I would like to piggy back on these checkouts

The router table will hopefully be soon, but we’re currently waiting for parts


I’m interested in the router & drum checkouts as well.

@cafwood & @laura_rogers

I still need to do a checkout class on this. I need at least the table saw and drum sander if someone can do this please let me know. I would also want to do the router table and cnc machine when they are fixed.

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Hi @Mikeguinn6, Charlie has been out for a bit but we’ll get you taken care of soon!

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I will be in the woodshop on Thursday, 10/5, between 6-8. I will try to accommodate checkoffs on various tools at that time

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@cafwood, would there be space for me to checkout on some woodshop tools? If so, is there anything I should bring?

Sure, you can attend. You don’t need to bring anything with you unless you have some personal safety equipment that you normally wear.

Sadly I work 3 to 1130 Thursday to Sunday this week. Is there anytime this weekend before 3?

@Mikeguinn6 I think the woodshop will be available this Saturday morning (tomorrow) and I will be available due to a last minute class cancelation. It has been a very busy couple of weeks! Sorry for the delay, but I can work with you for the table saw, jointer/planer, drum sander- whatever you need. Let me know when you are available and I’ll make a general post with a time.

I can do anytime tomorrow between 8 am and 230! Thank you! Let me know when you can! @laura_rogers

@Mikeguinn6 lets get started at 9:30 am! I will meet you there and let you in.

Awesome. That sounds great!