Table saw is broken


Affected Tool or Resource: table saw

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Rob was adjusting the angle of blade and the blade assembly just fell loose. When turning the angle adjustment wheel, nothing moves

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How long before repairs might be made to the Stop Saw, or, what still needs to happen to the other table saw to get it operational?

I can take a look at it later this afternoon. If anyone is able to work on it before then please post updates here!

The collar and spacer on the end of the tilt control shaft had fallen off and were laying on the floor of the saw. After replacing them, the saw seems to be fixed.



Thanks for looking into it Jerry!

Update: The tilt wheel is still not locking out as it should when the center knob is rotated. I would not feel comfortable operating the saw on an angle until someone can look at it again. I’ll go back later this evening and look at it closer unless someone else stops by.

The lock knob, when tightened, should press out a key that makes contact with a metal sleeve that keeps the spindle locked in place. Without it the blade tilts rather freely.


@jfahner and I worked on the saw this morning. There is a divet in the half moon key and we think that is causing the tilt to slip.

We were able to flip the key and the tilt will now lock…sort of. The key needs to be replaced, fortunately they are pretty standard and inexpensive. Part#: PCS-111

The divet is probably caused by forcing the wheel while the lock is engaged.


I was able to put the saw through it’s paces pretty thoroughly today and it is working well. Thanks to everyone who worked to get it back up