Table saw injury debrief video (NOT graphic, very informative)

I came across this video about a YouTube creator’s table saw injury. It’s NOT graphic (although if that’s your bag there a link in the video description to his blog post with more detail). I’ve noticed a couple of times lately that someone has removed the guard for the table saw (totally fine if it’s needed for a cut), but hasn’t installed the riving knife in its place (not OK, either the guard or the knife should be installed). This video describes exactly the type of situation that a riving knife is designed to prevent.

Our SawStop is a very safe machine, but it can’t prevent kickbacks, so paying attention and safely operating the machine is still suuuper important (plus it keeps us from having to replace the brake and blade).

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When I first started using the table saw in the shop I took a pretty good shot to the ribs with a kickback, and I thought I knew what I was doing… A far bigger saw than my one at home, and much more powerful. This was before the new saw, but the SawStop wouldn’t have helped.

My mistake was almost exactly what this guy did (although I was using a push stick). Well worth the time to be aware of safety. I was lucky to get away with a deep bruise. And a week or so of reminder in the form of ‘ouch’ that it could have been worse.

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