Table saw checkout please

Hi, soon-to-be new member here. Immediate reason for joining is need of a table saw. Lots of prior table saw experience in other shops. Happy to get checked out on other woodshop tools, too, if that makes this easier (but only need table saw, for now). Thanks,

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I would like to join this one too.


Bumping for visibility @laura_rogers @RealCarlRaymond @cafwood

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Still interested in getting checked out on woodshop tools. Hoping to hear something at some point! Thanks.

Sorry you’re still waiting for a checkout! If you’re free this weekend I can get you going.

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This weekend is probably good for me. How long will the checkout take? What specific times are you available?

It should only take about an hour depending. How does Saturday at 1 sound?

Two things –

Chad, are you on the list of people authorized to do checkouts? I’m not trying to be a jerk, I’m just asking. My understanding is that there were people designated to do this. If you aren’t, please see Charlie, the woodshop manager. He is looking for people to do this.

Second, i am on the checkout list, and will be happy to do this. This Saturday is a possible time, but be aware that i am running a cutting board class from 9-3 or so that day, and we will be using the table saw intermittently thru the day. If you want to come by around 3 or 3:30 that day, we can go thru any of the tools i am authorized to do checkouts on.


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I was authorized by Charlie to do checkouts. As for the timing, I apologize for neglecting to check the schedule and will offer a free time that is more convenient.

Tony - I’m not authorized to do checkouts, nor did I represent myself as such. I have only ever been asking for assistance in getting myself checked off on the tools.

John and/or Tony - 3:00pm on Saturday would be perfect, but I’m pretty flexible. I’m also in no rush at the moment. My partner was interested in that cutting board class, though, so she might be there then.

Any/all - My main interest in getting involved in LMN is to meet cool people and to have access to more space/tools than I do at home. For now, I can only afford individual months here and there, and someone I spoke to on the phone said it would be possible to get checked off on different tools in advance of any specific projects --and then pay month-at-a-time when I do have projects. If this is not normally how things work, no worries, and could someone just please explain how things normally work? Would love to learn more about LMN. I’m new-ish to Lansing but I’ve been involved in other makers spaces in other cities and I have experience with the tools I’m looking to get checked off on. Thanks!

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Chad, I’m fairly flexible too. I was just throwing out a day/time to see where we could go from there. I would be happy to do the checkout on Saturday at 3, unless Tony would rather do it.

Thanks John. Unless Tony advises to the contrary, I’ll plan on showing up about 3pm on Saturday and I’ll hope someone can help me then!

Chad, i apologize. I didnt read the names closely enough.

If john is available and willing to do the checkout, thats fine with me. Otherwise, I can do it after the class.

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