Table saw and jointer checkout Thursday 2/7/2019

Good afternoon makers,

I realized that my last request for check outs was a bit overwhelming. So I went ahead and signed up so I could come in and start learning. I don’t need to tackle all the tools at once but I am looking to make a Valentine’s gift and the plans require the jointer and Table saw. I have experience with a table saw but not one of this size and with the extra features. I am aware of how to use a jointer and some of it’s safety practices but I’ve never been lucky enough to use one.

I will re-extend my offer that I am happy to provide a hand to someone on one of their projects in exchange for their time.

Unfortunately I’m unavailable think Friday through Sunday but I’m happy to drop in if you’ll have me as a guest on Wednesday after 3 or Thursday during open hours.

If these times don’t work let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Let’s plan Thursday during open hours, if that’s OK.


That would be awesome. Really appreciate it.