Table pruning in the flex space

The older, more rickety table in the flex space has probably finished its useful life (@brian.adams or @RealCarlRaymond can point to which one we’re talking about)

It can probably become dumpster food.

Are the folding legs worth keeping for a transplant?

Different tables. I’m talking about this one:

Perhaps we could put a new counter top on it and use it for a shipping table , as mentioned in a different post.

Can we recycle any of it into the tool bin for the mineral oil, et al? These tasks seem like they should happen concurrently.

Maybe? This is kinda what I have in my head:

Just a bin attached to the end of the table (maybe the width of the table) that all the bottles can live in. Small enough that it can’t become a catch all. :slight_smile:

@Rossi.Bossi and @RealCarlRaymond took care of this today.

Thanks very much to both of you!

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