Table & Miter Saw Orientation Wanted

I’m a new member and am hoping to use the table saw and miter saw for a project. I’m not a total newbie to woodwork, but my experience is pretty limited. Any chance someone could walk me through these tools sometime this week? I have quite a bit of flexibility during the days and evenings.

Happy to show you what’s up. Any day better this coming week? After 5 preferably is better for me, but I could make something on Tues or Thurs work during the day too.

Thanks Brian! Are you available M or Tu at around 5:30?

How about tonight at 5:30 ?

Anyone else who wants to get in on this, please feel free to join. We’ll go over what we cover in the cutting board class as well as covering how to change the guards out and all that (which we don’t cover in the cutting board class).

Sounds good. I’ll be there!

I’m in the shop all day today, so I will be happy to hop in and watch the class. Thanks Brian!

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