Table Extensions


I am currently getting ready to build a Table and am looking for some ideas for adding an extender to the table at the ends of the table rather than splitting the table and adding a leaf in the middle as with the type of table I am building, I don’t believe to be viable

Here is a rough draft of how the table design will work. the middle of the table will have a removable part that covers over a TV. The table legs will be underneath the box that will hold the tv up as other pieces of wood are attached to the bottom of the plywood to give the whole thing more stability

One idea I have had is to make the ends have an insert-able opening for which a leaf can be added, with two supporting leafs for the table at the end to help balance it.

any ideas will be appreciated. I attached my current build plans in a picture

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What shape are you thinking about for the extensions?

I was considering a rounded end but that would cut down on extra space we would want so am leaning towards a square one

Something like this.

Hopefully it makes sense. I am not the best drawer :sweat_smile:

I would suggest a drop leaf table design. Depending on the length of the extensions, they may not need a gate leg or pull out legs–just pullout slides fit into the aprons and the main table top.

I would say @cafwood has great ideas, and experience to back them up. I also find that yours have merit and were the first method that I thought of. (Although without legs and with supports that are part of the main table. ) Best to consult with Charlie (cafwood) and take in the thoughts of whoever you wish.
Good luck and have fun!

I have a folding leaf table (thrifted, not made). Maybe it will provide some inspiration:

Thank you all for the advice! I think that may be the option to go i hadnt considerer.

The leafes will be 5 to 7 inches on each side and should be able to hold up a laptop and maybe someone leaning on it(i think)